Deck Oven D-Series

Reliable deck ovens for both confectionery and bakery.

The deck oven D-Series from Sveba Dahlen is the result of several years of development with the goal of delivering the world's best deck oven, with the best baking results. The fact that the deck ovens in the D-Series also work in different types of bakeries has been a key factor. In addition, they are energy efficient, easy to use and reliable. The deck ovens in the series are also flexible with the option of adding decks wherever necessary. 

Features & benefits

  • Highly efficient energy-saving baking.
  • Decks can be added later.
  • Adding SD-Touch as an option simplifies programming and ensures improved temperature control.
  • Available in five different standard widths. It is down to you to determine the amount of decks and options!
  • Standard height oven chamber 160 mm, 220 mm height optional.


Key features

A well insulated cover provides energy savings. Efficient halogen lighting ensures better work visibility.
Oven grid as standard. Used when baking on trays.
Double, tempered glass provides energy savings as the heat is retained and the temperature is uniform throughout the oven. Cooler, ergonomic handle for a better grip.
Stone hearth is an optional product. Provides a stone oven baked bread with excellent results! You can also supplement the oven with a steam generator (option) for the best variety of bakery products
Accessory setting device for fast and efficient loading of the oven.
Optimized temperature control and minimised heat loss from the oven chamber allows the bread to be evenly baked and avoids the need of being moved around inside the oven chamber.
Well insulated oven door, with twin glass panes, does not let as much heat escape into the room, which gives a better indoor climate