Tunnel Pizza Ovens - TP

The tunnel pizza oven TP is a flexible oven for a continous pizza production, easily adapted for various capacity requirements.

The TP is a flexible oven for a continous pizza production easily adapted for various capacity requirements. With temperatures up to 400°C, stepless setting on Touch screen of baking times, and up to three individual sections vertically. This makes possible high capacity both regarding the numbers and varianton of the products wich can be baked.


Features & benefits

  • Steam canopy at infeed an outfeed (not on TP10, TP20, TP30.
    Creates a good work environment.
  • Stepless adjustment of top and bottom heating, and stepless adjustement of baking times between 2 and 15 minutes. 
    Easy to understand and use, giving full control over the baking process.
  • Aluminium legs (adjustable for tabletop use of TP10, TP20, T30) with wheels.
    Makes it easier to move the oven.
  • Three standard widths with up to three sections in height. 
    Suitable for most pizza sizes.
  • Stainless steel exterior and well insulated oven chamber.
    Keeps the heat inside and maintain a lower temperature on the outside.
  • Panel with large and clear symbols. 
    Provides good control and makes it easy to set the right time and adjust temperature up to 400°C in two zones.
  • Oven chamber with two different zones.
    The temperature of the top and bottom heating are controlled separately for eatch zone, resulting in even baking.
  • Energy-saving mode
    Can be activated when the oven is not in use, saving money and reducing environmental impact.
  • Turbo function för rapid heating
    Reaches the right temperature quickly.
  • Removable infeed and outfeed tray.
  • Stainless steel mesh conveyor.
  • Baking time 2-15 minutes
  • Max baking temeperature 400°C.