eco+ becomes standard in 2018

All our ovens are energy-efficient - easier for you!

We always strive to provide our customers with the best baking equipment on the market, which delivers baking results that are hard to beat. In developing our equipment, we deal with aspects such as quality, ease of use and cost of use. 

Therefore, it’s natural for us to also consider energy efficiency. We have long aspired to deliver high-capacity equipment that nevertheless is energy efficient. Today our development of energy-efficient baking ovens has proceeded so far that we now are ready to implement the case for energy efficiency in all our ovens. This means that we are simplifying matters for you by dispensing with the concept of energy efficiency as an option through the implementation of eco+ throughout. Instead all ovens that leave Sveba Dahlen will have the highest possible energy efficiency without compromising performance.

For you, as a distributor, this means that the price list will be simplified. It will be easier for you to find and provide your customer with the correct price because beginning on January 1, 2018, there will be only one oven to choose instead of the two available now. You can always feel comfortable with the business case for an energy-efficient oven. Energy savings are included in Sveba Dahlen’s ovens as a natural choice, since energy-efficiency now becomes standard. Through tests carefully conducted both in our development team and with select customers, we have arrived at a result in which we have chosen to retain a number of the features and components in our ovens that preserve energy efficiency and in some cases also have been able to remove features that have become obsolete, replacing them with more modern technology. 

Work on energy-saving measures is a constantly ongoing project, and our ambition is to always achieve the highest possible energy efficiency without affecting capacity. Because of these efforts, our ovens contain modern technology and in some cases deliver a higher baking capacity than before. We always strive to deliver an oven that achieves the best baking results, with the highest capacity and in the most energy-efficient way!