Sveba Connect - A recipe for successful baking

Making your baking business as successful as your bread! 

Want to increase your profitability and strengthen your brand while at the same time ensuring the quality of your bread? 
Sveba Connect can help you with that! By using modern technology and connected ovens in the Sveba Connect cloud service solution, you can access a wide range of tools designed to give you full control of your baking – all the way, all the time, and all you want.

With Sveba Connect you can: 
• Monitor all of your bakery’s connected ovens online – from any device and regardless of where you or your ovens are. 
• Collect information about usage and performance through real-time statistics and data on your ovens’ energy consumption, shutdown and running times, and when the steam system was turned on and off.
• Use and download data to your own system and use it to calculate running costs, optimize procedures, improve profitability, and ensure quality.
• Save time and money with central software updates. You no longer need to travel around or hire professional help for service installation of new software.
• Save, distribute, download, and share recipes between all your ovens – easily, quickly, and securely.

This is the beginning of a new era using connected machines. We aim to lead development together with brands in Middleby Corporation and our customers. In collaboration with Middleby Connect, we will among other things implement scheduled services and preventive maintenance. 

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities!

When signing up for Sveba Connect you will get the whole 2019 for free on all your panels!
​All Sveba Dahlen SD-Touch panels from 2012 can be connected to the Sveba Connect cloud service.
Welcome to the future and to Sveba Connect – the first step forward in new technology!