VARIMIXER – implements new logotype and graphic manners in October

Varimixer - The name of the mixer you know so well.

For over 100 years we have been renowned for producing the mixer which is as strong as a bear. In some countries we are known as BJØRN, BJÖRN, BEAR, BÄR, KARHU, OSU or OURS. Others know us as A/S Wodschow & Co. or Varimixer.

Now it’s time for the whole world to know us as Varimixer.

We have aspirations – international aspirations! It’s that simple. We are therefore unveiling our brand new profile at the HOST trade fair in Milan on 20-24 October 2017, where we will also display the new KODIAK 20. Using Varimixer as our new name, because it quite simply sums up what it’s all about: Variable speed mixers for professional users. Internationally recognised for innovation, hygiene, ergonomics and ease of use. With simplicity as a central theme in products and new marketing. Functional Danish design as a tool for our dealers in their daily work. An impressive new profile brochure and website, supplemented by informative data sheets for each product. And a product portfolio which is still as ‘strong as a bear’.