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Take a closer look at Sveba-Dahlen's innovative solutions and our unique total concept. Beneath you find our most popular products. Which one is yours?

Combination Oven - Flexismart 2.0

Flexismart 2.0 is the perfect alternative for bakeries demanding less footprint. Even though the footprint is small, the baking volume is big and the baking result fantastic due to the rotating stick and the new steam package. Choose between six different types of models – with or without prover and deck oven.


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Rack Oven - C-Series

The C-Series is a flexible and user-friendly series of compact rack ovens developed to be highly efficient and designed to fit into small places.

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Dough Divider - SD180

A silent automatic suction-fed dough divider for all types of dough. High weight accuracy and flexible weight range makes is suitable for all types of bakeries. Highest security in the class. Thoughful ergonomics to be user-friendly. 

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Flexible Breadline - 750-1800 pieces/h

A user-friendly and flexible bread line with high capacity and efficiency. The line, with a capacity of up to 1800 pcs/hour, handles a variety of dough types and bread sizes.

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Industrial Bread Line - Up to 3 000 pcs/h

Heavy-duty bread line. All machines are designed for continual bread processing and made of high quality materials that ensures excellent baking results. Flexible choice between SD300 or SD600 with stainless steel frame.

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Rack oven - V-Series

The V-Series is a reliable, powerful and safe oven that is easy to use. The series has three basic sizes, with space for up to three racks in the oven chamber. The oven provides alsmost unlimited possibilities for professional baking and can be supplied with many different accessories and custom features.

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Industrial Rack Oven - I-Series

The I-Series rack ovens are adapted for industrial production, comes in two versions and is reliable, effective and easy to use. The oven exterior keeps a low temperature and the surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. 


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Rotating Mini Rack Oven - S-Series

The S-Series is a small oven with the efficiency and functions of a large oven which makes it perfect as an in-store oven. All S-series ovens can be equipped with a prover or storage cabinet. S400 is also available with gas heating. The S200 is a smaller version of the S300 with all its advantages, specially designed for in-store bakeries.

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Deck Oven D-Series

The D-Series consists of robust, reliable and energy-efficient ovens with double temperature sensors to ensure an even heat distribution throughout the oven interior, which gives excellent baking results. The model selection is broad, which makes the series suitable for different types and sizes of bakery. The deck oven is also modular, allowing the possible addition of up to five decks.

The deck oven is available in five different widths and is heated by electricity. It is well insulated, which leads to a good working environment while also using less energy. The heating elements are placed inside the all-welded oven and regulate the top, bottom and front heating evenly. The oven is also equipped with a power guard that monitors and controls the power output. The deck oven is equipped with radiation cover and turbo function, which means that it quickly reaches the desired baking temperature. 

The few moving parts of the oven along with its robust handle and seals that can withstand high temperatures makes it easy to clean and maintain. The sections come apart for easier assembly in small spaces. Equipped with a stone sole and steam, this is an incredibly flexible oven that offers endless possibilities in professional baking of sourdough bread, bread and more delicate baked goods for a reasonable price.

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Pizza Oven P-Series

With the P-series, Sveba Dahlen takes pizza making to a new level. This unique, well insulated solution with double tempered glass makes the oven extermely energy efficient. This makes the oven economical to use while it distributes the heat evenly.


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Tunnel Pizza Ovens - TP

The TP is a flexible oven for a continous pizza production easily adapted for various capacity requirements. With temperatures up to 400°C, stepless setting on Touch screen of baking times, and up to three individual sections vertically. This makes possible high capacity both regarding the numbers and varianton of the products wich can be baked.


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