Now we are counting the days… Welcome to see Peter, Mouna, Maher and Amr! October 30th - November 01st we open the doors to S3-A1, the Middleby booth at Gulfhost exhibition in Dubai, in World Trade Center. Let us introduce you to the world of commercial kitchen and bakery equipment. You will for sure meet Sveba Dahlen in the booth - our bakery machinery history goes back all the way to 1948. Since 70 years we have believed in high-performing, energy efficient, qualitative and user-friendly equipment! The Middleby Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, residential appliances, and systems for industrial food processing, packaging, and baking. Middleby has a worldwide reach, with more than 50 brands amongst its 3 business divisions. Its products are developed, manufactured, and distributed globally. When it comes to its Foodservice division, Middleby is known as the largest global manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. Its reputable brands are used in a wide range of restaurants, from quick service to fine dining restaurants, and institutions, such as hospitals and schools. Warmly welcome to find out more during the show!