Bowl lift for lifting and tipping of removable bowl. Lifting capacity is up to 600 kg (removable bowl including dough). The Bowl lift can be designed to empy the bowl to the left or right which makes it adaptable to the bakery layout. Meets CE safety requirements. Available as high and low version.

Features & Benefits

  • High lifting speed 5 meters/min.
    Gives higher production capacity.
  • Tipping either left or right as standard. Straight forward as option.
    Off-set tipping.
    Maximizes use of the bakery floor space.
  • Easy operation and low maintenance cost.
    Controlled with push buttons for up and down movement.
  • Easy to operate.
    No training required to operate the lift.
  • Safety guard with safety switch.
  • Two gear motors lifts the bowl by two separate chains for added safety.
  • Controlled with push buttons for up and down movement.
  • Design to work with bowls from other manufacturers (on request, technical drawing of bowl is required).
  • Technical drawing of Bowl Lift to be approved.


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Product details

Schematic Drawing of the Bowl lift.



Lifting Capacity 600 kg (including bowl)
Lifting Speed 5 meters / minute