The Sveba Dahlen Climator unit type FCC provides optimal control of humidity and temperature in both existing proving rooms, and spaces being converted into proving rooms. FCC is made of stainless steel and equipped with a special electronic steam system for durable and reliable operation.

Features & Benefits

  • The warm and humid air is blown out through the bottom part of the duct and sent out into the proving room via a guide plate.
    Provides good air circulation in the room for optimal and uniform proving.
  • Both temperature and humidity can be turned on and off as required.
    Ensures optimal control of the humidity and temperature.
  • Equipped with a special electronic steam system.
    Ensures long and reliable operation.
  • Two or more FCC’s can be connected in paralell with common control (master-slave).
    High capacity - up to 40 mᶟ proving room.
  • Movable control panel that can be mounted up to 10 meters from the FCC unit.
    Easy to operate for temperature and humidity control. 


Product details

Measurements (dimensions in mm).

Manual panel for control of temperature and humidity, easy to operate.