Robust and reliable deck ovens for both confectionery and bakery.

The deck oven in D-Series is also available in a special edition with double depth for extra capacity. Double depth is available in one width, and is also adaptable to all types of bakeries and most baking products.

Features & Benefits

  • Precision-built oven doors.
    Gives the door a smooth action an ensures convenient and safe handling.
  • Effective working halogen lighting
    Provides whiter and more intensive working light than standard bulbs.
  • Reliable heating elements.
    Specially selected för relabitlity and rapid response.
  • Each oven section can be individially controlled with separate settings of the top, bottom and front heat.
    Full controll in the baking progress.
  • Well insulated oven chamber and stainless steel front.
    Keeps the heat inside the oven, maintains low temperature outside, easy to clean.
  • Including aluminium legs with castors.
  • Crown height 220 mm.
  • Double built-in steam generators as standard. 
  • Cement sole as standard.
  • Max baking temperature 330°C.

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Product details

Optional oven charger.

Accessory setting device for fast and efficient loading of the oven.