Electrically heated tunnel oven

Sveba Dahlen delivers electric tunnel ovens to customers all around the world. Each oven is based on a basic concept and then adapted to the customer’s wishes and requirements. The ovens can be equipped with many types of belts, such as different kinds of wire mesh belts & solid steel belts. Electric heated ovens are produced in belt widths up to 4,2 m. They are produced in two different basic models, depending on the baking temperature to be used. “Normal temperature ovens” of up to 350ºC and “high temperature ovens” of up to 500ºC are available.

Features & Benefits

Energy efficient ovens
In the electrically heated oven the heating elements are installed directly in the oven chamber and the oven is separate regulated in each zone for top and bottom heat. This means that power is only used in the different zones when and where it is needed. This give the best possible energy efficiency in kwh/kg baked bread!


  • Continuous recipe change.
    Changing recipe continuously in a zone immediately when the zone is empty. Changing recipe baking time immediately when oven is empty. Available with automatic function and manual handling.
  • Steam Regulation.
    Steam regulation on /off by photocell, off delay when no indicated bread.
    Steam regulation on /off like above plus adjusting kg steam / hour.

  • Humidity measurement.
    By using humidity sensors in the different zones the humidity parameter can be measured and controlled.  
  • Rotating belt brush.
    Pneumatically, liftable and rotating brush for regularly cleaning. 
  • Motorized dampers and oven doors.
    Recipe controlled damper and oven door positions.
  • Thyristor controlled heat. 
    For a more accurate regulation, the heating elements can be controlled by thyristor regulation.
  • Water spray at the outfeed. 
    Gives a shinier product and improves the crust.
  • Walkway on top of the oven. 
    Simplifies cleaning and service. 
  • Frequency inverters for the oven chamber exhaust fan(s). 
    Adjust the fan speed from the PLC screen. The system can be expanded for continuous under pressure / flow regulation.
  • Air Flow Turbo Zone.
    Frequency controlled speed. Individual setting for different recipes. Top heat turbo with air flow above the belt and/or with vertically Turbo air flow through the belt. 
  • Frequency controlled fan speed.
    Individual setting for different recipes. 
  • High power section in zone 1. 
    Add extra power heat elements in the first part of the bottom heat chamber. Controlled from PLC screen, and specified in the recipes.
  • kWH-meter including heating element status check.
    In each zone box there are current transformers on the main cable after the main switch.


Product details

Belts available for Electric Tunnel Ovens.
Top left: Tight wire mesh belt for free standing bread.
Top right: Open wire mesh belt for tin breads and trays.
Bottom: Solid steel belts (for electrical heated ovens only)

Effective baking with the Air Flow Turbo Zone. Air flow above the belt and / or with repeated vertically Turbo air flow through the belt. The zones can have individual settings for different recipes. 

The HMI control panel with touch screen is easy to overview and operate. Control the top and bottom heat in all zones, recipes, alarms and more. Get informative logs and do your software updates over the internet - quick and simple.  

Our own high quality, specially designed heating elements, which always is adapted to the customers production, in sense of effect and quantity. By always adapt the elements to each case, the baking results always reaches highest quality.