Smartbox - retarder/prover - prover

The Sveba Dahlen Smartbox is designed for retarding and proving products on trays. I has a high capacity while taking up a small footprint due to its compact design. The programmable panel makes it easy to prepare your baking as early as the day before!

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design.
    Takes up little space.
  • Front, sides and interior of stainless steel, 55 mm insulation.
    Easy to keep clean. Retains heat or cold inside the unit.
  • Control panel for manual or pre-programmed retarding or proving control.
    User friendly panel that is easy to understand and use.
  • The door is equipped with a sturdy handle and a magnetic seal.
    Easy to open and close.
  • Temperature range: +2° to +50°C (retarding)
    Temperature range: from room temerature to +50°C (proving).
    Meets most needs.
  • Refrigerant R134a. Cooling compressor included.
    Environtmetally friendly.
  • Automatic defrosting.
    Versatile and maintenance free.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor.
    Very accurate and extremly reliable with good precision and long life span.
  • Mountable tray racks - 26 pairs of adjustable guides.
    Easy to adjust to suit the products for optimal utilization.


Product details