Yes! We are about to launch Distributor Service!

Our new service portal for our distributors is live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Distributor Service, which is a step in expanding our service to you as a Sveba Dahlen distributor. Our aim, in using this portal, is to quickly and easily provide you with important information, and ensure that, as a distributor, you make a habit of regularly visiting the portal to keep yourself up to date

The login function is personal and may not be transferred.

How does Distributor Service work?
Distributor Service acts as a filtering system of information. You will find manuals, brochures, FAQs, installation guides, crib sheets and more here. You can quickly and easily access the correct information by ticking-off your search criteria in the menu on the left below. The more criteria you select, the fewer the documents that appear, and the easier it becomes be to find what you’re looking for.

Distributor Service – MediaStore
You can also find MediaStore under Distributor Service. As before, MediaStore contains high resolution images, videos and logos that you can use in your marketing material. No login is needed to access this material. The current MediaStore will be removed from the homepage on our website.